Drainage Systems

Standing water?

Many homeowners in the Tidewater area regularly experience poor drainage. More than just a nuisance, drainage problems can be devastating, resulting in costly repairs to your home and property.

Drainage Problems

Poor drainage is often the result of improper grading or a landscaping deficiency. The terrain is such that water does not naturally flow and infiltrate the soil. Once the ground is saturated, excess water naturally ponds in areas of lower elevation, making your yard a muddy mess. Over time, this can result in:

Structural damage

Soil erosion

Plant and turf damage

Fungus, mold and mildew

Mosquito infestation

There are a number of leading indicators to help identify a drainage problem around your home and yard:

Personal observations

Standing water 24 hours after a hard rain or irrigation

Yellowing plant life

Water debris such as leaves, pine straw, trash, etc.

Mud or silt deposits on walkways and other flat hardscapes

Damp or wet crawl spaces

Drainage Solutions

Proper drainage is the foundation of any landscape. Our experienced professionals will work to understand the underlying cause of your drainage issue and redirect the water away from the problem areas. Depending on the severity and unique conditions of your drainage problem, we may recommend the following solutions:

Downspout Piping & Drainage

Adding downspout piping is a great investment for your home. It collects all the storm water and carries it away from the foundation of your home.

French Drains

Frech drain systems carry standing water away from foundations, lawns, flower beds, patios and driveways. 


Drywells are best when water penetration is extremely slow, which is typically caused by thick clay layers. Drywells are buried a minimum of 6' deep or until the sand layer has been reached and filled with stone and sand, which allows rain water to be easily absorbed.

Drain Grates & Catch Basins

Drain Grates are typically installed along concrete to catch storm water.

Catch Basins can be used under downspouts, a/c unit condensation lines to catch water.

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